Meet the Director


Ms. Samantha Bessey is the band director for instrumental music at Union Township Middle School and Wheeler High School. Ms. Bessey earned her degree in music education at Valparaiso University and her primary instrument is the flute. Ms. Bessey came to Union Township in the Fall of 2017.

The Program:

Classes and ensembles available from the instrumental music department include:

  • High School Band (all high school grades 9-12).
  • Marching Band (cocurricular with High School Band during the first trimester)
  • Pep Band (cocurricular with High School Band during the second trimester)
  • Jazz Band (extracurricular, after school only)
  • Guitar (high school only)
  • Music Appreciation (high school only)
  • 8th Grade Band Class
  • 7th Grade Band Class
  • 6th Grade Band Class

Though cocurricular with the High School Band class, students not enrolled in the class can still participate in the Marching and Pep Band.

The middle and high school band classes perform in 3-4 Concert Band performances each school year, including participation at the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) annual Organizational Contest. Many students also participate in the annual ISSMA Solo and Ensemble event, as well as in a variety of other local honor, summer, and regional bands.


A monthly newsletter is emailed to the parents of all band students as well as to the building principals and superintendent. If you are not getting the newsletter and would like to, email Ms. Bessey at sbessey@union.k12.in.us to be added to the mailing list.

Like us on facebook at Wheeler Bearcat Bands for updates on the happenings in the program!

Get Involved

There are regular opportunities to get involved by volunteering to chaperone at concerts and trips, assist with fundraisers, and to help feed the marching band dinner at home football games

The Bearcat Band has recently began the process of creating a boosters organization, called the Bearcat Band Boosters Club, Inc. (BBBC).

The mission of the BBBC is to assist the band director and school corporation in furthering the musical education, growth, and excellence of the band program and its students through providing moral, physical, and financial support.

All meetings are held in the band room and any band parent, middle and high school, can attend and can vote without obligation. When we are more established we will have consistent, regular meetings. Until then, meeting times and days will be announced on the Wheeler Bearcat Bands Facebook Page.