Drama Club

John Hanaway

219-759-2562 x2243


I am very excited to start out this year with you students, and I hope you are too! Drama Club will be the study, experience, as well as the support of theatre being done here at Union Township as well as the community.

Meetings start at 3:00 in the auditorium every Monday, unless other wise notified via announcements. The Meetings will end at 4:00-4:15. I would like to use this time for the rest of the year discussing and brainstorming for next year i.e. – trips, activities, dances, fundraisers etc. We will also be talking about the Winter Show this year.

To make sure everyone is prepared for anything we may do during drama club meetings, please make sure: Full Coverage Shoes: NO FLIP FLOPS-HEELS- BACKLESS- or any type of shoe with openings! Comfortable clothing! Pencil and Paper!

Please make sure you let me know when you cannot make it to a meeting!

If you have any questions or ideas for us the rest of this year, please contact me at jhanaway@union.k12.in.us or call my phone at 219-759-2561 X 2243 I am looking forward to the rest of this year!

Thanks! Mr. Hanaway