At JSE we believe experience and opportunity grow our students. We also know it is the dedicated staff and parent volunteers that make our school top-notch! Without an incredible staff and committed volunteers these programs would not be possible. Thank you for realizing all the programs we provide. We are proud of our schoolhouse!Many of our programs are highlighted throughout our website. If you have any questions or would like to become a volunteer please do not hesitate to ask!

Academic Programs

Academic and Social Student Programs and Activities

spell bowl

  • Math Fact Goal Clubs

  • Art Club 2nd - 5th Graders

  • Book Fairs

  • Candlelight Luncheons

  • Captain Crayon Productions

  • Caring Kids Club: Service Learning

  • Characteristics of a Successful Learner

  • Circle of the State Choir

  • Concert Choir

  • Festival of The Arts

  • Grade Level Field Trips

  • JSE News Broadcast Team

  • Library Media Center Family Nights

  • Living Museum

  • Math Bowl

  • Media Helpers

  • Pen Pal Program

  • Principal's 100% Effort

  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Spell Bowl

  • Spelling Bee

  • Science Bowl

  • Student Council

  • Students in Leadership

  • Times for Kids 2nd-4th

  • Top Technology Users

  • Veteran's Day Program

  • Young Authors

  • 4th/5th Grade Media Center Pages

  • 5th Grade Helpers

  • 5th Grade Reading Buddies